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If you feel that your rights have been violated by the decision of the public authority, by courts like the Circuit, District, tribunal, or the local council, you can apply to the High Court for review of their decision.

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Our Judicial Review Solicitors…

… will review your case, advise you and bring the proceedings before the High Court or Supreme Court by submitting an application to them, requesting leave (permission) to the court without notice to the decision-making body to challenge the decision.

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What is a Judicial Review?

According to the recent amendment, matters related to such proceedings must commence within 3 months from the date when grounds for the application first arose. Following are the time limits for judicial review proceedings of other matters:

The High Court is concerned with the fairness of the decision-making process of the administrative bodies, rather than the correctness of the decision itself. The court takes all the relevant considerations into account,

to check for evidence regarding any fraud, deceit, bad faith, or if the decision taken by the legal body had it in its capacity to do so.

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What is the time limit for Judicial Review applications?

Judicial review is a court process in which a judge checks if a decision or process adopted made by a public body or state body is legal or illegal.

It is a legal procedure where a person can contest the decisions of public bodies or state departments. In addition, it is a challenge to a decision made or the process of arriving at that decision.

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